Does anyone else remember this show?


before u say anythign rude or offensive just think to urself: would steve rogers say that? if the answer is no, don’t say it 

Mr. Rogers works better for me.

WHy does everyone write SoMa as having a daughter? I think they should have a son.

And Maka strives to keep him from being like Grandpa Spirit but Soul is just like shhh no honey, he has me to follow.

And then wes shows up and he’s like UNCLE WES OMG I LOVEYOU UR SO KEWL UNCLE WES

an Soul is like D: and Maka is like nono it will go away when he realizes wes is a dork. Ur da cool one here babe





i think it’s a universal truth that everyone in our generation takes pluto’s losing its planetary status as a personal offense


pluto is smaller than russia. why did we ever even consider it a planet?




Magic tourney tonight.. I might get to play this time? Who knows. But if I do, I hope they’re prepared for my unstoppable wolves. BWAHAHAHA


i think there is no greater dark magic than the cha-cha slide

you will never get a group of people obeying every command so quickly as you will by putting on that song.

every previous conversation grinds to a halt as everyone goes to the left and then takes it back now y’all





he’s so angry… why?

Lol, Link’s not angry here. The lighting nor camera were the best at the time these pictures were taken, and the fact he squints a lot, would perhaps give an angry expression. But he’s a happy-go-lucky guy who is a classic goof. 



So I’m really close to hitting my next thousand and since I epically failed at my 2000 follower giveaway, I figured I should do it this time! Apologies for the shitty lighting in the pictures, I had to take them on my camera phone because my regular camera has pretty much started to kick the bucket.


Three winners will be chosen, and based on the order they’re picked in, they’ll win one of the following -

  • A large Titanfall limited edition poster that were only given to the first 50 people who picked up their games on Day 1 of the release at participating GameStops.
  • A two-piece Mario Kart 8 poster (this one is on extremely high quality poster board and will not be able to be folded, so the box it’s shipped in may end up being rather large).
  • A 75th Anniversary Batman poster that was given out for a limited time to people who pre-ordered the new Batman video game that is coming out.


  1. You must be following my blog, souleeater. This is a giveaway meant to reward my followers and thank them for sticking with me, so I’m not gonna give anything to people who aren’t following me. Sorry :(
  2. Likes and reblogs count for one entry each. You can reblog as many times as you want, but will only count if posted in actual blogs, not giveaway blogs or spam blogs. I will check. Also, please don’t spam your followers with it. It’s just not nice.
  3. You must be comfortable with giving me your address.
  4. You must be over 18 OR have the permission of a parent/guardian to allow me to ship things to you. Like, for real guys, please ask your parents before you enter this, it’s not cool to give your address to strangers without giving them a heads up. Practice net safety, okay?
  5. Shipping will be covered for anything in the US. If you want to enter the contest but are outside the US, that’s fine, but I will ask you to cover shipping costs if you win.
  6. You have to have your ask open. I will be messaging you through your Tumblr ask to tell you of your reward. If you don’t get back to me within 72 hours, I will assume you no longer want the prize and will pick another random winner.

And that’s it! The giveaway will go until May 1st, 2014, 11:59 PM EST. Any entries after this point will no longer count.

Good luck!

but i’ll be there for you
as the world falls down

Boy and I have been dating for a year.

I never get asks…

reblog if you want your followers to tell you one thing they secretly think about you

I think I have the worst cramps I’ve ever had…